Thursday 17 January 2013

Preston University a degree mill/fraud/scam

Preston University a degree mill/fraud/scamWhen speaking of tertiary education in our country, it can be said with extremely sorrow that there are too few higher education institutes that are serving the needs of higher education in our country. An already education deprived country, we are in desperate need of more and more world class universities that can edify the younger generation of our country so as to close the technological barrier with the developed countries.
When it comes to providing quality tertiary education in our country, there is none institute in private sector that can compete with the excellence and achievement of Preston University. The fact that the university has been named as Degree mill by its rivals is in itself an acknowledgement of the services Preston University has been offering in educational sector of our country. Thousands of highly successful alumni and hundreds getting passed out each year is an unprecedented milestone accomplished by so call degree mill University. The degree mill spam has been facing severe opposition by the alumni and current students who are committed towards defending their institute that has provided them prodigious knowledge and transform their lives. It is expected that Preston University spam regarding degree mill will die out soon and university will continue to serve the students of country.